Plastic Watch Crystals

Insist on G-S – The Original – Still the Best

G-S Supplies, Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing plastic watch crystals since the early 1920’s. Our warehouse in upstate New York has thousands of different sizes in stock in dozens of different crystal styles. G-S continues to mold plastic crystals in our plant in Rochester, NY. Our crystals fit many watch brands and models, from vintage and classic models to the latest designs.

With the assistance of many watch manufacturers and watchmakers, G-S has compiled reference lists of known watch names, brands and styles, with their corresponding G-S crystal item number. These lists are supplied here for your reference:

1960 Crystal Catalog Cross-Reference List
1965 Crystal Catalog Cross-Reference List
1972 Crystal Catalog Cross-Reference List
Bulova Cross-Reference List
Omega Cross-Reference List
Rolex Cross-Reference List
Rolex G-S Conversion Chart
Seiko Cross-Reference List

G-S plastic crystals can be grouped into two basic categories: FANCY and ROUND


G-S “Fancy” Cylinder, Flat, and PA Waterproof watch crystals have unique alphanumeric ID numbers.

Cylinder and Military Cylinder Fancy crystals are manufactured in many different geometric shapes.

All Cylinder crystals have sidewalls.
Standard Cylinder crystals have a flat bottom.
Military Cylinder crystals have an arched bottom surface for at least two, and sometimes all four of the bottom edges. An example of a Military Cylinder style crystal is a classic Tank watch, which has a curved case and requires a crystal with a curved, or arched bottom surface.

Flat Fancy crystals are manufactured from flat plastic material and are cut into various geometric shapes.

PA Waterproof crystals are round.

Each crystal has a unique appearance.
There are a variety of profiles: High-domed, low-domed, flat topped
Special features: Magnifying windows, grooves, flanges, slots for tension rings

G-S Fancy crystals can be viewed in our our online searchable e-catalog. The catalog contains actual size images of all crystals manufactured since the 1950s, which makes it easy to find the closest replacement available.


G-S stocks many round crystal styles, which fit many types of watches. Each style is available in a range of sizes, from smaller “ladies” sizes to very large sizes for pocket watches, gauges and instruments.

Notes on round crystal sizes:

Some crystals are stocked in millimeters, and some are stocked in G-S numbers – a unique measuring system that dates back to the 1920s.
G-S styles stocked in millimeter sizes:

  • AT, CDE, CFT, CT, DT, ET, MT, ST, TR, TT, and WT

G-S styles stocked in G-S sizes:

  • HC, KT, PHD, PK, PKH, VT, W, and XHD
  • This reference chart lists all G-S sizes and their corresponding sizes in inches and millimeters. Note: The exact range of sizes available is dependent on the crystal style. See detailed listings for the exact size range available for each style.

General Information:

We make every effort to keep most watch crystals in stock, but at any given time some sizes may be out of stock or unavailable due to stock shortages or damaged tooling.
Plastic crystal assortments are quoted and assembled upon request.
Custom plastic manufacturing services available.

A note for watch collectors, hobbyists and enthusiasts:

We do not employ a watchmaker who would know exactly what crystal fits specific watch cases/models. Many of our watch crystals fit many different brands and models. We always recommend taking your watch to a qualified watchmaker or jeweler who fits watch crystals to ensure that a replacement crystal is selected and fitted properly. Many jewelers provide this service. The good news is that there are thousands of stock plastic and mineral glass watch crystals, so chances are good that a local jeweler who repairs watches will be able to find a suitable match and fit your crystal properly.

G-S watch crystals are available through watch material distributors all over the United States and Canada. Contact us for more information.