G-S Supplies, Inc.

Over a Century of Precision Manufacturing and Global Distribution

G-S Supplies, Inc., founded in 1916 in Rochester, NY, is a globally recognized manufacturer and distributor of precision adhesives, plastic and glass components, specialty tools and supplies. G-S products are widely used for watch, gauge, jewelry, optical, industrial and technology applications. Our customers span a broad array of industries:

Jewelry Making & Repair
Watch & Clock Making & Repair
Gauge Manufacturing & Repair
Optical Assembly & Repair
Industrial Assembly
Plastic & Glass for Manufacturing Jewelers and Designers
Plastic & Glass Components for Instruments & Technology Devices
Camera & Instrument Repair
Decorative Bridal, Costuming & Paper Applications
Precision Tools for Artisans and Technicians

G-S Supplies, Inc. is committed to providing exceptional customer service to our diverse customer base each and every day. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our products or services.