Crystal Catalogs

G-S Watch Crystal Catalogs

The G-S Watch Crystals & Supplies Catalog incorporates information from all G-S catalogs and supplements released from the 1950s through today. This catalog includes crystal images in alphanumeric order of the complete collection of G-S Cylinder Fancy, Flat Fancy and PA Waterproof plastic crystals.

This catalog is an excellent resource and reference tool, designed for use by watchmakers, watch manufacturers, crystal fitters, jewelers, jewelry designers and hobbyists to accurately select the appropriate watch crystal. Manufacturing jewelers use G-S crystals for lockets, pendants, mountings and other unique jewelry designs.

The catalog displays images for each Cylinder, Military Cylinder and Flat Fancy crystal with a top (overhead) view. The shaded section within each image shows the side (cross-sectional) view. In the PA Waterproof crystal section, since all crystals are round, only the side view is shown. Dimensions are shown in millimeters under each image, along with other identifying information, when available.

Our stock plastic and mineral glass crystals are an excellent resource for prototypes and development projects that require an optically clear watch crystal, window or cover.

View the fully searchable online e-Catalog

Pages printed from the online e-Catalog will be scaled to fit the page, and therefore will not print with actual-size images. To utilize the images from printed pages as a crystal matching and sizing reference tool, download and print from the pdf version.

To print pages with actual-size images, select “Actual size” on the printer screen before printing.