Crystal Blanks

Glass & Plastic Crystal Blanks

Plastic Blanks

G-S offers optically clear, flat plastic material in two thicknesses. These blanks are protected with masking on at least one side, so that the plastic is not damaged during the cutting process.

Mineral Glass Blanks

G-S stocks many large, round mineral glass crystals in various thicknesses that can be used as mineral glass blanks:

MGD 45.0 x 0.7mm
MGE 40.0 x 0.8mm
MGE 45.0 x 0.8mm
MG 46.0 x 1.0mm
TMG 45.0 x 1.8mm
TMGP 50.0 x 2.0mm
TMGX 45.0 x 3.0mm
TMGX 50.0 x 3.0mm

Special Order blanks

Mineral Glass:

G-S can special order quantities of clear mineral glass blanks per your specifications.
Specify dimensions and thickness
Edges: Unfinished blanks
Discounted prices
300 piece minimum


G-S also produces sapphire blanks for watch crystal cutting, for unique jewelry designs, and for industrial applications.
Optically clear
Produced per your specifications
Low minimums
Tolerates extreme temperatures
Superior protection for camera lenses and other equipment