Coin Mountings & Jewelry

Crystals for Coin Mountings & Jewelry

G-S watch crystals are used for many jewelry applications, including lockets and coin mountings. Jewelry makers use both plastic and glass watch crystals in mountings (known as coin mounts, coin bezels, or coin pendants), which can be purchased through many watch material and jewelry findings distributors.

Coin mountings are unique, classic pieces of jewelry. To create a coin mount, two watch crystals are mounted back to back in a decorative bezel, sealing a coin, gold dust from Alaska, gemstones, beads, a photo or other keepsake between the crystals for easy viewing and safekeeping.

Two flat crystals provide a protective cover for a flat coin or photo.
One flat and one domed crystal provide some clearance between the crystals.
Two domed crystals mounted edge-to-edge provide space between the crystals for the movement of beads, gold dust or other decorative item.

Identifying the exact plastic or glass crystal sizes to fit your bezel may require some trial and error, as the crystal size required may vary depending on what is being mounted.
G-S crystals can also be mounted as locket covers or shadow box covers.
Common crystal styles used in coin mountings:

  • Mineral glass – Flat and Domed
  • Plastic PK Domed
  • Plastic CDE Diamond- Edge
  • Plastic Flat W, VT, KT

Production of custom plastic or glass designs is also possible. See our information about G-S Custom Manufacturing Services.

A US source for coin mounting bezels:

  • W.R. Cobb Company**
    800 Waterman Avenue
    East Providence, RI 02914
    Phone: (401) 467-7400

    **For a list of Cobb coin mountings and G-S crystals that fit them, click here

  • Contact us for a list of watch and jewelry findings distributors who stock coin mount bezels
  • For additional mountings, please visit:

G-S will be happy to work with you to identify the ideal crystal fit for your coin mounting project.