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About G-S Supplies, Inc.

G-S Supplies Owners in Rochester, NY

G-S Supplies, Inc., originally known as Germanow-Simon Machine Company, was founded in 1916 by Julius Simon and Harry Germanow in Rochester, New York. Today, we are a third generation family-owned, woman-owned, SAM-registered business that strives to continually exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our company is the originator and developer of plastic watch crystals. Today, our company stocks thousands of plastic and glass watch crystals, and supplies products to watchmakers, gauge and instrument manufacturers and repair shops, jewelry designers, and manufacturers of machinery and equipment. In addition, we custom manufacture glass and plastic components for a broad range of products, including watches, clocks, jewelry, gauges, technology devices, equipment displays and readouts, and a wide variety of instruments.

G-S also manufactures and distributes specialty precision applicator adhesives. G-S Hypo Cement is an optically clear, flexible adhesive with a unique built-in precision applicator. G-S Hypo Fabric Cement is designed for use on more porous surfaces and has the same convenient precision applicator. These products are manufactured in Rochester, NY and distributed worldwide for precision assembly applications across many industries.

Our products are distributed worldwide into multiple industries, including: Watch and Jewelry Design and Repair, Instrument Design, Hobby and Craft, Hardware, Industrial Assembly, Optical Assembly, Aeronautics, Camera Repair, Bridal and Costuming.

Our legacy has always been and continues to be one of quality products and exceptional customer service.
Rochester, New York is the location of corporate and administrative offices, as well as research and development, engineering, marketing, and manufacturing operations.

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