Vintage Watch Crystals

Insist on G-S – The Original – Still the Best

G-S Supplies, Inc, founded in 1916, has manufactured watch crystals for almost 100 years and have published watch crystal catalogs since the 1920s. Through the years, G-S partnered with Bulova, Hamilton, Elgin, Gruen, Longines and other watch manufacturers to produce watch crystals that met their precise specifications.

Examples of vintage crystals:

LC 340 Elgin Pocket watch
LF 370 Illinois Pocket watch
LF 400 Wadsworth Pocket watch
TF 1193 Ingersoll watch
LF 390 Gruen Pocket watch
N 550 Elgin watch
T 1272 New Haven watch
Y 837 1939 Mickey Mouse Watch

1952 Vintage Watch Crystal Catalog

Most complete vintage catalog
Incorporates all vintage G-S crystals manufactured from the 1920s through the early 1950s

Reference lists of known vintage watch names, brands and styles, with their corresponding G-S crystals are available from various catalogs:

1943 Crystal Catalog Cross-Reference List
1952 Crystal Catalog Cross-Reference List

G-S vintage crystals are available for purchase by special order. These crystals are formed and finished by hand using our extensive inventory of vintage forming tools.

Please contact us if you are interested in production of a particular vintage crystal, or purchasing a copy of the 1952 catalog.