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Selecting and Fitting Plastic Fancy and Round G-S Crystals

Selecting and Fitting Plastic Round Styles Sized in Millimeters (with or without rings)

G-S Hand Inserter & Accessories

The G-S Hand Inserter is a sturdy hand press used in watch and gauge repair for inserting watch crystals and gauge windows. This tool can open and close conventional and digital watch cases.

The G-S Hand Inserter may be purchased in sets with accessories or as a stand-alone tool.

There are three types of sets that include a G-S Hand Inserter, and all sets are packed in a sturdy box:

HP-5 Hand Inserter Set
HP-6 Hand Inserter Set
H-1 Hand Inserter Set

HP-5 Hand Inserter Set

The HP-5 Set is our most complete Hand Inserter Set. It includes all standard accessories for fitting regular crystals, PA Waterproof crystals, and ring crystals.
This set also opens and closes conventional and digital watch cases.
The HP-5 Set includes 20 adapter cups, 6 rubber plugs and 4 rectangular adapters for fitting watches that range in size from 8.4mm to 57.1mm (G-S size 70).
The TR-13 Set includes 13 plastic replacement rings to fit HP-5 adapter cups sizes 8 through 19. These rings enable the user to insert Reflector Ring Crystal types more easily, as the plastic rings prevent marring of crystals and watch cases.

HP-5 directions PDF

HP-5 Adapter Numbers Chart

HP-6 Hand Inserter Set

The HP-6 Set is our most popular Hand Inserter Set. It is used for closing the backs of snap-type watch case backs only.
This set includes 6 round (sizes 5, 7, 13, 15, 17, 19) and 4 rectangular adapter cups.
View the HP-5 Adapter Numbers Chart (link) for details about which adapter to use for G-S round and millimeter crystal sizes.

The X061 Conversion Set includes 14 metal adapter cups and 6 plugs to convert an HP-6 Set to a complete HP-5 Set.
Each sturdy storage box includes locations for all adapter cups and plugs, so the HP-6 Set can be conveniently upgraded to the complete HP-5 Set.

HP-6 Hand Inserter Set

HP-6 directions PDF

G-S Crystal Polishing Set

The G-S Polishing Set (item number X002) is made up of three components:

1. X005 Emery Stick
This stick has two sides, a coarse side and a fine side. The coarse side can be used to slightly reduce the size of a plastic crystal or window to achieve a perfect fit.

2. X003 Polishing Stick
This stick is used with polishing rouge to polish crystal edges. It can be used after filing with the emery stick to bring plastic edges to a fine reflective luster.

3. X004 Polishing Rouge
This is a special formula polishing rouge, to be used with the polishing stick on the edges of plastic crystals or windows. Supplied in cups or bags.

G-S Crystal Gauge

This special G-S Crystal Gauge allows the user to more accurately measure round bezels and fancy cases while the movement is still in the watch case.

The straight side of the gauge is the millimeter scale for all G-S styles measured in millimeters.
The cutout side is for G-S round styles measured in G-S sizes.

G-S Precision Applicator Bottle


Fill this reusable bottle with your choice of cement, UV glue, lubricant, paint, or other liquid requiring precision application. The bottle is made of a sturdy polyethylene plastic, and is reusable – simply clean and refill. Two tips are included: The unique G-S Precision Applicator and Dropper tip.

The G-S Precision Applicator Bottle comes with the following components:

Reusable bottle with cap
G-S Precision Applicator
Dropper tip
Cap wire (use is optional – keeps precision applicator tip clear)